About US

Misfitz Carnival Theme: Immortals 2015
Designer: Damien Benjamin, Chandy Lewis and Kristine Sadler.

Misfitz Carnival was started on May 5 2015 to bring a difference to the Carnival landscape of Antigua and Barbuda. By definition, the brand did not set out to be the biggest Mas Troupe in Antigua and Barbuda but to bring back real energy and revelry to Carnival.

In its inaugural year, Misfitz entered the Carnival arena with its opening T-shirt Mas called Wap Wap which was primarily a message that was being sent that Misfitz will be around to stay.

Triple Kay from Dominica along with DJ Puffy from Barbados provided that talent and entertainment that was needed.

We followed up the opening of Carnival 2015 with the Jouvert Morning theme “I want to taste your Bouyon” which was a Jouvert morning  hit and one to remember. Misfitz collaborated with the Dominica Cultural Express and the rest that day was history.

On Carnival Tuesday on the road last lap Misfitz Carnival with Triple Kay wrapped up that year’s festivities by putting over 10,000 people on the road without incident for a night that the whole country can remember


In 2016, Misfitz Carnival inserted the name International due to the resounding success of Misfitz in 2015. The brand was now renamed,” Misfitz International Carnival. Misfitz International Carnival was the first Mas Troupe to travel outside of Antigua and Barbuda and was one of the major participants in the Atlanta Carnival in 2016. That year we enlisted the services of Claudette Peters, and Ms. Antigua and Barbuda, Ms. Asha Frank as our Brand Ambassador. Misfitz Carnival was a big hit in Atlanta and that filtered down through the media and in the news paper back home.

The road to success is froth  with many challenges